Lets Us Not Forget Our Hunting Socks

The least mentioned but most important aspect of our hunting gear are our socks.

A hunters body is kind of like a jenga stack.  The most structurally important aspects start from the ground up.

In short what this means is, if your feet go bad, you are done!

So what can a hunter do to avoid a foot catastrophe?  We’ll talk hunting boots tomorrow but for now we’ll concentrate on socks.

Hunting socks should always be of the athletic type with plenty of  elasticity.  If they tend to roll down to your heal, you’re talking blister city and that is a disaster.  One type of sock I absolutely detest are those, thin nylon looking things.  Trust me guys, they might be cool at the club but they have no place in the wilds of Alaska or the Western united states.  If you want to hunt in those types of socks, it had better be down at Colfax Avenue,  homes. :)

Anyway, never get caught without an ample supply of hunting socks either.  On my last moose hunt I’d go through a pair a day in the swamps and it would take two days to dry that pair.  So you can see how you’d need 3 pair of socks really quick.  Personally I don’t go on a hunt, whether it be for whitetails, moose, or elk, that I don’t have at least 5 pair of new, cotton, athletic socks.